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1543, Russia

It was a cold winter night outside. A blizzard roared, and there was no life for miles around. No sound filled the air except the howl of the wind and the shuttering of tree branches, ready to break under the torrent of snow. Inside the small wooden inn, however, was much different. Men laughed in drunken joy, singing songs by the warm fire. Stories spun through the air, both true and "stretched" as the storyteller may admit after a bit of pressure. The atmosphere glowed with warmth as men drank and gambled...that is until the door of the inn swung open.

A cold wind filled the room and the sudden roar of it brought the room to a hush. All eyes were directed at the figure standing in the doorway. It was tall, taller than even a bear. A skin of said creature hung as a cloak over its heavy, tattered coat. A fur cap and scarf hid the figure's face aside from a large nose and a pair of glowing, orange eyes. A thick white mane spilled down from under the cap and fell messily to the back of the person's knees.

Everything was still until the giant began to stride into the room, its imposing presence causing everyone around to shrink in their seats as its eyes scanned around.  It made its way over to the bartender and sat down in a seat, causing the small chair to groan under the massive weight. It removed the cap and scarf, revealing its golden skin. A small gasp could be heard from a few of the patrons to the bar, earning a swift glare from the giant. It turned back to the bartender, who was still quaking in his boots.

"W-What may I do for you?" the man asked in a shaky voice.

The giant reached into its pockets and pulled out a sack of gold, before dropping it on the table. "One tankard, please. Anything will do," it said in a deep monotone. The bartender quickly delivered it. The creature drank it slowly, an awkward silence filled the air as the other patrons watched nervously. It slammed the iron mug on the table when it finished, licking its lips. "More," it said with a small grin. The bartender refilled it. Again the giant drank slowly as the room remained silent. The people waited quietly, hoping whatever that golden thing was would have its fill soon and leave. That didn't happen. The giant stayed there for over an hour as the inn remained silent. The men returned to their drinks as they watched the creature carefully. They whispered questions to one another, wondering what the giant creature was doing there and where it came from.

Finally the giant got up to leave, putting its cap and scarf back on. It walked slowly over to the door, not seeming any less sober than when it walked in, even though it managed to down an entire keg's worth of ale. As it opened the door, it turned to the inn keeper.

"Your tavern is dull," it said in a disappointed tone, "I was told this place would be more lively. I guess I was misinformed." With that, the giant stepped back out into the blizzard, slamming the door behind it.
So a Giant Walks into a Bar...
A 30 minute short story written for my creative writing class.

First off, I love sardonyx. She is best magician.
also, I feel like this was an improvement on We Need to Talk, because while Pearl was again being selfish and using fusion for her own wants, but this time she wasn't being malevolent or spiteful about it, just selfish. Also, she shows genuine regret in the end, this time.

Also I think sardonyx is better than rainbow quartz.
while rainbow quartz is very beautiful, we actually got some personality from Sardonyx that separates her from both Garnet and Pearl. Rainbow quartz on the other hand, I can't mentally separate her from Pearl and Rose. Sardonyx appears as her own person while Rainbow Quartz just seams like a vehicle or tool. 

but what did you guys think? What is your favorite fusion?

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