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Present Day, Beach City
"She's at it again!" Pearl cried as she rushed past Jasper who was currently lounging on the couch. Jasper turned her head to see the crystal gems gathering around a large spherical object sitting in the room. They had explained to her not long after finding her what it was for. Three gems had crash landed on earth recently One of them, a peridot, had used an escape pod. The Crystal Gems had found said escape pod and were currently using it to track her down.
Pearl had opened up a map to show which warp pad she had used as Jasper glanced at it, she could see it was somewhere in East Europe."What are we waiting for? Let's go find her!" Steven cried as he ran for the warp pad. Jasper herself started to get up. Like heck she was going to miss an opportunity like this. She had yet to meet this gem, though she sounded like less of an actual threat and more of an annoyance.
She stopped however, as Garnet picked up the boy mid run. "Hold on Steven," she said, "First we need to think of a plan." "Peridot has been avoiding using the warp system for a while, and we don't know why," she continued, "The last time we faced her, she lead us into a trap. I wouldn't be surprised if this was another one."
"Garnet's right," Pearl said, "We need to be one step ahead of her before we go after her."
"Maybe we she should wait to go after her!" she exclaimed, "We'll let her lower her guard and then strike-"
"Yeah, but what if this isn't a trap, and Peridot's just really desperate for something that happens to be over there," Amethyst interrupted, "What if she finds some old gem super weapon and decides to blow us off the map? If we wait too long, we might miss her!"
The gems bickered over the subject for a few more minutes until Jasper finally spoke up. "I have an idea," she announced. The gems all turned towards where she had stood up next to the couch. "But if it works, you have to let me roam beach city freely again," She continued with a smirk.
Pearl and Amethyst shared a look before turning towards Garnet. Garnet appeared to think for a second before nodding. "Fine. What is it?" Pearl asked. A wicked grin formed on Jasper's face.
A little while later, Somewhere in Poland
A slight breeze blew threw the pine forest. Peridot heard approaching footsteps from her place behind a rock wall. It was the only noise aside from the call of flying earth creatures in the distance. She could only hear one pair of footsteps, and they were heavy at that. It must have been the fusion that had gone after her this time.
As the sound was almost upon her, she hear the owner of the stomping release the net trap she had planted. It was a bit rudimentary, but she was desperate and had little to work with. A sly grin crossed her face as she jumped out from behind the rock face triumphantly, brandishing her laser. "Ha! I've got you now, Crystal-" she began but stopped short. Her face metamorphosed from one of smugness to surprise. It wasn't one of the crystal gems caught in her trap. It wasn't even a lost human. It was a very irritated and unamused Jasper. Judging from the placement of the diamond on her uniform, she was pretty high up in military status too.
The Jasper glared at her from her uncomfortable position inside the net. Peridot gulped and chuckled nervously. "Heh heh...Woops!" she said, "I didn't mean...this wasn't meant for..."
The gem trapped inside her net only continued to glare daggers at her. "You better have a good explanation for this, or I'll crush your gem beneath my boot," she growled.
"I-I'm so sorry!" Peridot stuttered as she hastily cut the larger gem down. "You see, there are these rebel gems here on earth, and they've been chasing me down and destroying any chance I've had of getting off this planet," she explained, "Infact, they're the whole reason why I'm stuck here in the first place! I tried to trap one of them with the net but..." Peridot stopped and thought for a second. "Wait a minute, what are you doing here?" she questioned, "You weren't on my ship. It was only my escort, my informant, and myself."
Jasper cocked an eyebrow. "Has this planet's atmosphere been messing with your memory?" she retorted, "Homeworld received a distress signal from earth and sent a rescue party. You were the one who sent it, correct?"
Peridot's eyes lit up. "Yes! Thank the stars!" she exclaimed, "You don't know how long I've been waiting for a response! I had almost given up hope!"
Jasper looked at her stoically. "Before we return to the ship," she continued, "I need a report on the status of the two gems that were with you."
"Ah yes...," Peridot said scratching the back of her head, "I'm afraid I do not know their current location. I used an escape pod to land on this planet safely. I lost contact with them at that point."
"Great..." Jasper sighed, "Very well. We'll just have to find them ourselves." "Come along, comrade," she commanded as she began to walk back to the warp pad.
"What did you say?" Peridot asked in confusion.
Jasper silently swore, though her expression didn't change. Turns out she was just as outdated in gem culture as she was for human culture. "What, did you not hear me? I said come on!" she snarled. Hopefully the green gem would be too frightened to question her further.
"Eep!" she cried, "I mean, Yes Ma'am!" The gem quickly limped after her.
It was then that Jasper noticed she only had one foot. She thought that that peridot looked too tall. Most of the ones she knew during the war were much shorter and had regular hands. This one must be wearing some kind of prosthetics.
"Care to explain happened to your foot?" she asked, not giving up her cold act.
"The rebels took it!" she griped, "It doesn't matter though. They'll get theirs when the cluster finally emerges."
Jasper raised an eyebrow. Cluster? What could that be? The Crystal Gems had told her about the fusion experiments. Could this be one of them?
"Speaking of emerging, how have the fusion experiments been coming along?" she asked.
Peridot gave her a puzzled expression. "Shouldn't you already know? I've been sending reports in," she asked with slight suspicion. Surely if homeworld had gotten her distress signal, they must have also received her log reports.
Jasper stopped. "Do you dare talk back to your superior?!" she barked.
The green gem yelped. "No ma'am!" she quipped. Jasper had to keep herself from smirking. She was enjoying this way too much. It had been a long time since she had gotten to play general.
"The report then," she ordered.
"The fusion experiments are all developing properly. Some have emerged early. Although I do not have a direct calculation of when, the cluster is sure to emerge some time soon. Hopefully, we'll be off this miserable mud ball long before then," Peridot stated.
Whatever this cluster was, Jasper didn't like the sound of it. Hopefully they'll be able to get more information out of her later. Finally they approached the warp pad. "We could not land the ship near this area, so we'll have to return to it using this," Jasper explained.
The two hopped on the crystal circle. The blue light surrounded them as they began to float. Peridot closed her eyes and sighed. No more stupid earthlings, no more crazy terrain, and no more crystal clods. She was finally going home. When gravity returned she opened her eyes, expecting to see a large space cruiser before her. Her face melted into confusion as instead, she was in some kind of room made of organic material. It then morphed into shock and horror as she noticed the four other beings in the room were none other than the Crystal Gems.
"Good morning!" Steven greeted cheerfully as the others readied their weapons.
Peridot felt someone grip her arms and pull them behind her back. She turned her head to see Jasper smirking. No longer was she adorned in homeworld attire, but a fur cloak and antique earth uniform. "What's the matter, comrade?" she sneered.
Part of an AU where Jasper was left on earth after the war and wanders it, slowly coming to enjoy humanity.

First off, I love sardonyx. She is best magician.
also, I feel like this was an improvement on We Need to Talk, because while Pearl was again being selfish and using fusion for her own wants, but this time she wasn't being malevolent or spiteful about it, just selfish. Also, she shows genuine regret in the end, this time.

Also I think sardonyx is better than rainbow quartz.
while rainbow quartz is very beautiful, we actually got some personality from Sardonyx that separates her from both Garnet and Pearl. Rainbow quartz on the other hand, I can't mentally separate her from Pearl and Rose. Sardonyx appears as her own person while Rainbow Quartz just seams like a vehicle or tool. 

but what did you guys think? What is your favorite fusion?

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