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March 30th 1875
I awoke from my slumber today due to a light morning drizzle. For a second I had no idea where I was. Then I looked over to see the two huddled masses of feathers next to me. As amazing as it is to be living among the cuāuhtmeh, the annoyances of sleeping under the stars remain unchanged. At least Zaphod and his mother had feathers to keep themselves dry and their sleep undisturbed.

Despite this rude awakening, I had wonderful experience today. The tribe members were much more friendly today, a few of them even decided to try and groom me. I'm sure they were just trying to be kind, but it got a bit annoying. One particular female was a bit too friendly, continually getting into my personal space and I believe she might have been trying to flirt with me! Thankfully, she got the message that I wasn't interested and left me alone.

I've been taking notes about their society and I find it quite interesting. They don't seem to have a monetary system and just share what they have. They also seem to have a system of professions. Those that make tools, those that gather fruit and nuts, there are those that lookout for danger and protect the tribe, those that make weapons, and so on and so forth.

Zaphod and his mother are apparently hunters. They had disappeared for several hour and then came back later with a peccary. They offered me some, but I respectfully declined. Zaphod seemed disappointed though...I do hope they don't take any offense to my actions. I did notice a few interesting things about their hunting party. First of all, their feather colorations were all muted, at least so in comparison to other colorations I've seen. There were greens, browns, and light yellows. Secondly, coming back from hunting, they all had leaf crowns on their heads and green paint on their faces. I wonder if they specially choose hunters based on their feather colors. They do seem to have a good sense of camouflage based on the other precautions they take.

Although I like it here very much, I do have to wonder when I will be heading back. My men will be worried sick. I don't think they even know whether I'm alive or not. I'll see if I can get Zaphod to take me back tomorrow, at least to check up on them and let them know I'm alright.

March 31st 1875
Zaphod and his mother had left to go hunting a little after I had woken up, so I didn't get a chance to ask him. They let me sleep in this morning while they prepared to go fishing. Apparently there is not a difference in position of hunter and fisherman.

In the meantime I got to observe more about the tribe. I saw some children playing a game with an adult. From what I could see of it, it was like the follow-the-moving-cup game, where someone would hide a ball under one of three cups and you had to follow it with your eyes as they move the cups around. In this game the cups were hollow clay balls with a hole in each one. A single large nut  would be placed in one, and each ball would have the hole be covered up. They would then be placed in a basket and swished around in said basket. The children would then choose one and crack it open. If the nut was inside, they got to keep it. I saw them play this several times and it was certainly fun to watch.

Another small thing the younger children did to entertain themselves was to drop pebbles from their nests to the forest below and listen for the sound that they make bouncing off of branches on their way down. I feel bad for the poor animals that might get hit on the head from one of those falling projectiles. They also seem to chase each other and play fight as all children do. I think I also saw one playing with what appeared to be a knot ball of plant materials but I'm not sure. I didn't get the best look.

I assume the children and cherubs don't have many toys. When I first gave Zaphod the prizes from our little learning game, he acted as if had never seen anything like them or that they were some rare objects. However, I could just put that up to the fact that he hadn't seen those specific kinds of toys before. Besides that, even from observation I have noticed very few children toting around small toys or playing with them.  As for a reason why this is, it might be the lack of materials. They don't seem to have much ability to sew, yet they do seem to understand the basics of tanning a hide. The most abundant material they have that can withstand the recklessness of a child is plant, which can decay if not properly dried. I feel a bit bad for the poor things. When I was a child I had many playthings to keep me busy, and these children are lucky if they can have even one toy!

Speaking of toys, some of the toddler aged cherubs decided to make me one! They decided to climb all over me. Thanks to some of the parents, their dog pile was quickly broken up. Zaphod should be returning soon, I'll be sure to ask him then about returning to my camp.
The female cuāuhtli was lying down in her nest. She sighed as she turned onto her side.  It had been nine long months since the beginning of her pregnancy. The little one would be coming any day, and so for her own protection and for the protection of the life she currently carried, she was to stay with in the nesting site. She knew that it was necessary but it didn't make it any less annoying.
The afternoon seemed to just get hotter and hotter. Even though she didn't have a mate to help her, she still had plenty of relief from the heat. Any pregnant female was entitled to a little bit of special treatment by her tribe members, at least at the tail end of her pregnancy. She was given plenty of water, sweet fruit, and soft cushions of leaves. Sadly, this didn't change how bored she was. No hunting, fishing, or pretty much any of her favorite activities. She couldn't wait for this child to be out of her so she could get back to those things...eventually.
Suddenly she felt a sudden pain in her stomach. She sat up suddenly. At first she thought it was just a kick, but then she felt a trickle of water run down her leg. Looks like her wish would regrettably be coming true soon.
Edith Cadmon walked down the halls of her and her husband's manor as she went to bed. She had to stay up waiting for her middle child, Reginald, to return home after he had stayed out far too late. After giving the fifteen year old a good scolding and sending him off to bed with the promise of an early morning, she was finally ready to retire herself. As she passed by the room of her youngest son, she heard the sound of shuffling.
She opened the door to see him quickly moving into a sleeping position and the candle on his nights stand still smoking. Edith raised an eyebrow at him. This wasn't the first time he had pulled this. "Edward," she said, "I know you're still awake, so sit up." The boy didn't move for a second. "Well then, if you really are asleep, then you won't mind waking up at six tomorrow morning," she said with a smirk.
Immediately, the boy shot up saying, "I'm awake! I'm awake!"
"Good," his mother said, "now what exactly were you doing up so late?" Edward sheepishly pulled a book from underneath his bed and held it out for her. Edith walked up to it with her candle to get a good look at her cover.  "Into the Jungles: a Guide to the Exotic Beasts of the World," she read, "Oh Sweetheart! This book again? This is the eighth time you've read this thing!"
"I can't help it," he said, "It's really good!"
"You still haven't touched any of the other books you got for your birthday last month," she said, "What, should I just return the others?"
"I'll get to them! I promise! But these animals are so fascinating! Look!" he said flipping through the pages, "Did you know that you can tell the difference between a leopard and a jaguar based on the shape of their spots? Or that you can tell how healthy a male peafowl is based on how many eyes there are on his tail feathers?"
Edith smiled and sat down next to him. "That is quite fascinating my dear, but there's a time and a place to pour over your books, and I'm afraid eleven o'clock is not that time," she said.
"I know..." he said pouting, "I wasn't trying to stay up so late. I promise! I was just going to read the entry about the Asian elephant again before bed, but I couldn't stop myself. I wish I could see some of these animals for myself..."
"I'm sure you will someday," she said with a chuckle.
"You think so?" he said.
"I don't see why not," she said, "You're a clever boy. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll be the greatest animal researcher in the world! Getting up close to them in the wild, meeting all sorts of scientists....there might even bee a biography printed about you one day!"
"Yeah..." he said, looking off with a dreamy expression.
"However," she said, getting his attention again,  "Until that day, you'll have to learn to have some self control. Reading books after bed time might be innocent enough, but you won't get far in life if you can't control your desires."
Edward clutched his book to his chest. "You're not going to take my book away are you?" he asked.
"Heavens no!" she said, causing him to give a look of relief, "I would never discourage reading! In fact, instead of going out for riding practice tomorrow after lunch you can stay inside and work on your studies."
"Muuuum!" he cried indignantly.
"Would you rather I take away the book?" she asked.
"No..." he said with a sigh.
"Alright then," she said before kissing him on the forehead. "Good night, my dear," she said, walking towards the door.
"Good night, mother," he said curling back up in bed. His mother gave a little smile before closing the door and continuing to head back to her room.
The female gave one last shout before a mewling noise filled the night air.  After many hours it was finally over. The older female who had been helping her, her own mother, picked up the squealing newborn cherub and began washing him in a basket before handing him to her daughter.
The new mother smiled as she held the tiny, squealing body. He shivered in the night air and his tiny eyes were closed tightly. She cooed and rocked him slowly. "There, there. It's alright! Welcome my little one!" she cooed to him, "I know you are upset about leaving your old home but I'm sure you will come to love this one much more." The little boy continued to mewl as he slowly opened his eyes. They were a bright amber in color, shining with tears.
"Oh, don't cry little one," she said as she cradled him,"There is nothing for you to fear right now. You are safe. Safe with those who love you." "But you will need strength. This life is not easy, " she continued. "I know!" she said, "I shall give you a strong name." She whistled twice and gave three clicks. "Courage, that is your name, my tough little one," she said, "I know you will do great things and bear that name proudly. I can tell already that you like it!" The little cherub had stopped his mewling. His eyes were now drooping as he slowly fell asleep. He curled in towards his mother. "I think you have the right idea.  Good night my little one," she said before kissing his forehead and curling up herself to go to bed.
Hey guys. I made an official blog for my angel of the Amazon.
if you have an account, I would appreciate the reblogs! Thanks guys!
Hey guys. I made an official blog for my angel of the Amazon.
if you have an account, I would appreciate the reblogs! Thanks guys!

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