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Present day, Swiss Alps
BAM! BAM! BAM! Steven crouched into the corner of the small compartment in the cave in fear. The gem beast stopped to peer inside the hole with it's goat like eye before continuing to try and break through. BAM! BAM! BAM!
Today had started out much like any other day. Pearl had made Steven pancakes for breakfast. Amethyst had done something to get on Pearl's nerves. Then Garnet had walked in from the temple saying that there was a mission and they headed out, just like any other day.
They warped into a snowy mountain pass. Gravel and icy patches had lined the ground. Garnet had warned them to be careful. Steven wished he had listened.
It wasn't long until they found the beast. It was a little bigger than a rhino but had a body like a ferret. Large lion like paws were at the ends of its green legs. Thick wooly fur covered its body. Two large ram horns sat on its head, and two large canine teeth stuck out from its mouth.
It took one look at them before bleating and rushing at them. They jumped out of the way as it hit the wall of a cliff side, steven just barely avoiding being trampled.
A few large rocks tumbled down the cliff straight for him."Steven!" Pearl shouted before picking him up and getting as far away from the falling rocks as possible, "Stay here! This area is too unstable for you!"
"But I want to help!" he responded, "I Know how to use my weapon now! I'll be safe, I promise!"
Pearl bit her lip and looked to Garnet, who was currently digging her heels in the ground, pushing ggem beast back by the horns. "Let him help," she said, stopping for a second to adjust her shades, "He'll be fine." Pearl turned and sighed before nodding at steven.
Steven gave a determined look before running back into the fray. The beast stopped trying to push against garnet and began running wild in The other direction. It shook its head violently, tossing the fusion to the side. Amethyst had been gripping onto the back of the beast when it suddenly bucked her off. As it tried to run away, Steven charged at it, forming a bubble around himself. He slammed into the corrupted gem, popping the bubble and throwing creature against a wall...which collapsed.
The crystal gems stared in shock as steven and the corrupted gem fell into a cavern behind the collapsed cliff side. "STEVEN!!!!" they cried. Before they could do anything, rocks fell from the cliff face completely covering the entrance.
"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Steven cried as he fell. The two of them fell for at least a hundred feet before hitting the ground. The gem beast hit the floor first, and broke Steven's landing as he fell into its thick fur. He rolled off and fell onto the cold stone floor. He rubbed his head in the darkness and groaned.
Looking around, he could see nothing but blackness. He pulled up his shirt and made his gem illuminate the room. The cavern was fairly vast, with several openings leading into other parts of the cave.
Steven suddenly heard a deep groan from behind him. He turned in fear to see the beast getting up. It turned and glared at him with a snort. He backed up slowly, summoning his shield. "Nice gem..." he said, continuing to back away. The beast pawed at the ground and rammed into his shield, sending him flying back into a wall. Steven opened his eyes to see it charging at him. He looked around franticly and spotted a passage big enough for him to fit through. He squeezed through it as the beast hit the wall.
His gem illuminated the chamber to reveal a skeleton in a tattered uniform laying on something. Steven nearly jumped in surprise before he saw what it was laying on. Two large bags of gold sat behind it. Clutched in the skeleton's hand was a big black ring box. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to have a lock on it, but it was almost completely rusted away.
Steven suddenly heard an enraged noise come from outside the chamber. He backed into the room as he saw the gem beast peering in. That's how this whole situation happened. That's how Steven found himself crouching in the corner, wishing this was all a bad dream. He was out of options. "HELP!" he cried out in desperation. He knew no one was coming. The gem beast banged its horns against the wall again.
This time, the hit caused the room to shake. The ring box fell from the skeleton's hands and the lock fell off as it hit the floor. Steven could see a soft glow coming from inside the box. Steven picked it up and thought hard about opening it. There was definetly something magical inside. Whether that thing was good or bad, he had no idea. The situation was already dire, so it didn't change much if it was something bad.
"Please help me!" he whispered before opening it. Inside the box was an orange, kite-shaped gem.
The gem glowed and floated out of the box. A white light extended from it and began to grow. Steven was worried for a second that he had released another corrupt gem. However, as the form solidified as humanoid, he let out a sigh of relief. It flipped through many different form before settling and the glow receding. An orange-skinned being fell to the ground and landed in a kneeling position. Long hair flowed down from what appeared to be a coon-skin hat. A cloak hung over the gem's body, which was covered in what looked like some kind of uniform. Coming out from the sleeves of the uniform were two large hands covered with fingerless gloves. A scarf hung around her neck and large boots covered her feet.
The gem looked up to reveal a striped face with wide eyes. Although the white light of reforming had faded, an orange glow still emanated from her gem. There was a moment of silence. Steven was about to say something, when the gem suddenly spoke. "Nach all dieser Zeit ... Ich bin frei?" she said to herself.
"Um..." Steven said, confused by the giant orange gem.
She turned to him, almost surprised by his presence. "Hast du mich befreien aus der Box, kleiner Junge?" she asked. She began to walk over to him when the creature banged its horns against the wall again, letting out an angry bleating noise. The gem glared at the hole in wall. "Es scheint, wir haben Unternehmen..." the gem commented in annoyed tone.
Suddenly, the gem's coonskin hat changed into a large orange crash helmet. She then rushed at the wall and broke through it. The gem beast was taken aback by her sudden entrance. "Sie mit dem falschen Edelstein durcheinander," she growled, glaring at the chimera. She charged at the beast and knocked it back. The beast got up and shook it's head, only to see the large gem jump on its back and pull its head back by its horns. The beast ran around enraged, trying to buck of the long haired gem.
It finally managed to throw her across the room and she hit the wall with a grunt. She opened her eyes with a groan to see the beast charging at her again. She quickly ripped a stalagmite out of the ground and rolled out of the way. As the beast slammed against the wall, she thrust the large stalagmite into the monster's belly. It roared before disappearing into a puff of smoke. A single green stone fell to the ground.
Steven saw the whole thing, watching in awe. He was just about to run over to her to gush about the battle when he saw her pick up the green stone. Her grip on it became tight and Steven's smile faded as her heard a crystaline creaking noise coming from the stone.
"Wait stop!" he cried, running over to her, "Please don't break it!" Her grip softened but she looked at him in confusion. Did she not understand him? "No crush!" Steven tried to explain, using gestures.
The gem continued to stare at him in confusion. "This thing nearly kills you and you want me to leave it alone?" she responded in perfect English, "You are one strange child."
Steven gasped. "You can speak English?" he asked.
The gem shrugged. "When I need to. I can speak several languages. You kind of have to learn them when you travel as much as I have," she explained. "You can't however, so I guess I'm not in Prussia anymore, am I?" she reasoned.
Steven looked at her in confusion. "What's 'Prussia'?" he asked.
The gem looked at him in surprise. "Crap, I must have been down here a lot longer than I thought..." she said more to herself. Her look of surprise turned to confusion. "Wait a minute, how did you get down here?" she asked.
"I sort of fell..." he said while rubbing the back of his head.
"How aren't you dead?! That must have been more than a 50 foot drop on to solid rock?!" she questioned I surprise.
"Well I fell onto that giant monster and it broke my fall," he said.
"That explains a lot..." the gem muttered.
"Hey can you help me get back up there?" he asked, "My family is up there and I'm sure they're very worried."
She look up at the walls of the chamber. "Hmmm...Alright, I guess," she said, "It can't be too hard. Plus, I do owe you for setting me free." A large smile formed on Steven's face. The gem handed him the green the green stone before she picked him up and set him on her shoulders. "By the way, what's your name, squirt?" she asked.
"I'm Steven!" he said, "What's yours?"
"I'm Jasper." she responded as she began to climbe the wall, "Make sure you hold on, kid. I don't think there's going to be anything to break your fall this time."
The Crystal gems had spent over a hour trying to clear the rocks way. Finally Pearl gave up. "We're never going to get him back!" she cried as she slumped to the ground. "This is all my fault! I shouldn't have let him come along..." she continued.
Garnet put a hand on her shoulder. "Pearl, if its anyone's fault, its mine," she said, "I was the one who let him continue in the fight." "We still have a chance of saving him, I can see it. We just need to press forward," she said.
Just then, Amethyst pulled away another stone, creating an opening. Steven's head popped out of the hole a wide smile on his face as he crawled out. "STEVEN!" they all cried out in joy, running over to pull him into a big hug.
"We were so worried! We thought we'd never see you again!" Pearl said, tears streaming down her face. She then pulled him into her arms and began examining him. "Are you alright? The gem beast didn't hurt you did it?" she asked frantically.
Steven giggled at the attention. "I'm fine, and look!" he said showing the green corrupted gem to them.
The three looked at it in surprise. "No way! Did you do that all on your own?" Amethyst gasped.
Steeven shook her head. "I had help from a friend! Another gem down there saved me," he said.
The gems looked at him with worry and confusion. "Another gem?!" Pearl echoed, "You don't mean Lapis or Peridot, do you?"
Once again he shook his head no. "No, this is someone new!" he said. he then peered over their shoulders and smiled. "Look! There she is now!" he said.
They all turned to see a large orange gem pulling herself from the rubble. The Crystal Gems stared at her like they had seen a ghost. She stared back at them with an exprestion of shock.
"Jasper?!" the three Crystal Gems said in unison.
Jasper facepalmed. "Verdammt..." she groaned.
Tinydot's Happy Place by Artdirector123
Tinydot's Happy Place
Because big buffs protecting small puffs is  one of my greatest weaknesses. 
God I loved last night's episodes. What did you guys think?

First off, I love sardonyx. She is best magician.
also, I feel like this was an improvement on We Need to Talk, because while Pearl was again being selfish and using fusion for her own wants, but this time she wasn't being malevolent or spiteful about it, just selfish. Also, she shows genuine regret in the end, this time.

Also I think sardonyx is better than rainbow quartz.
while rainbow quartz is very beautiful, we actually got some personality from Sardonyx that separates her from both Garnet and Pearl. Rainbow quartz on the other hand, I can't mentally separate her from Pearl and Rose. Sardonyx appears as her own person while Rainbow Quartz just seams like a vehicle or tool. 

but what did you guys think? What is your favorite fusion?

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